Bud's Championship Boxing Ring

Platform height is 42" . 4 rope ring.

This ring has been used in a vast amount of championship battles here in Las Vegas.

5 Rope MMA Combat Ring.

5 Rope MMA Combat Ring.

Platform height 42"

Both of these rings are fully dressed with Canvas, Corner pads, turnbuckle cover, pole covers, rope spacers, skirting. All of these items can be customized for sponsorship.

2 fighter stools, 2 T.V. Camera platforms, 4 sets of stairs for easy access to ring.

18' Boxing Ring

Platform hteight 36"

This ring is convenient for limited space

but still has the dynamics of a professional size ring.

22' Hexagon MMA Cage.

Platform height is 36''

Both Cages have double entry maximum strength doors.

Thick polyethylene foam for fighter protection.

Highest quality hybrid or canvas can be customized with sponsorship logos.

2 T.V. Camera Platforms, 2 sets of stairs

Heaviest gauge chain link fencing with vinyl coating

Corner bumpers that can all be used for sponsorship logos.

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